Serious Gear for Serious Anglers

Every bass angler has their favorite jig – the one that’s never too buried in the tackle box, that you can always pull out and throw on when it’s been just a little too long since you hooked that last hog.

At All-Terrain Tackle, “favorite jigs” are all we know, and we’ve spent years producing tournament-grade jigs made from premium components, engineered to catch more fish in any environment. From the skirts and the powder-coated heads to the hooks and the Terrain Tread, we’ve designed our collection to help you find the next steady staple of your fishing artillery, no matter where you’re casting next.

the pros know it

Tournament anglers stand by our jigs for one reason only: because they catch fish. And more fish. And more fish after that. Whether navigating structure with the Rattling A.T. or pulling out of weeds with the Grassmaster, we specialize in creating serious fishing gear for serious anglers, while making sure all of it is easy to find and purchase both online and in store.
As bass fishing continues to grow and evolve, so too is our product line, as we’re always finding new ways to innovate between materials, colors, assembly, and beyond. Welcome to the ultimate collection of tournament-grade bass gear.

All-Terrain Tackle Tournament-tested. Fish-feared.

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