ROGERS, Minn. – The ice fishing season is right around the corner, and with the new ice fishing season comes new products from Clam Outdoors! Ahead of the 2023-2024 ice fishing season, Clam has released over 50 new ice fishing products for this season. Some key highlights for new products this season include an entirely new lineup of X-Series Hub Shelters, The Tikka Flash, The Rattlin PT, IceArmor by Clam Delta Float Suit, The Misago Reel, and many more items in various product categories for ice fishing gear. 

The lineup of X-series hub shelters has been revamped for this season, featuring a new Max Entry Door System, a full 38" width door on hub shelters to allow for easy entry and exit of the shelters. This door system will be available on a wide variety of X-Series hub shelter models that still have all of the other great features that ice anglers have known over the past few years. For this ice season, Clam also introduced the Ice Team models of hub shelters that feature an integrated Aurora lighting system into the shelter. These lights are bright and perfect for low light or ice camping. Also new for this ice season is the X-800 Thermal Hub Shelter, which features 128 square feet of fishable space, making it the largest hub shelter in the Clam lineup. 

Ice anglers are always curious to see the new lures coming out each season to know what they will tie onto the end of their line on the ice. The Tikka Flash and The Rattlin PT spoon are new from Clam Pro Tackle (CPT). The Rattlin PT spoon features the same slicing, fluttering action, and loud rattles of the famous Rattlin' Blade Spoon but is taken to the next level! The Rattlin' PT Spoon has two stainless steel bearings that click and clack inside their pyrex-glass housing and has lifelike features a vibrant, strong, painted treble hook lures fish in and entices them to be your next catch! This spoon is available in 12 colors and three different sizes, so it is perfect for a variety of species. The Tikka Flash is brand new for this winter and will quickly become a favorite for many ice anglers. The Tikka Flash is a mini crankbait style lure that is perfect when targeting various fish like Bluegills, Crappies, Perch, and more! This lure will call fish in with its flashing, blade-style tail, turning sniffers into biters with its enticing swimming motion and irresistible lifelike features. This bait doesn't require any bait as it has been proven to catch fish no matter what, and it was a favorite for many Clam Pro Staff members who got to try out this bait during testing. The Tikka Flash is available in 12 colors and three different sizes. 

New to the lineup of Clam reels this winter is the Misago Reel. If you are looking for the best ice fishing reel, look no further than the Clam Misago Reel! This spinning reel features all the top components that ice anglers are looking for all in one reel. It is incredibly smooth with a 9+1 ball bearing system, Multi-Disk Teflon Drag System, graphite wide rotor, and multiple other features packed into this great reel. Along with the Misago Reel, a handful of other reels are new to the Clam lineup this winter, including a new version of the customer favorite Spooler Elite Reel. The New Spooler Elite Reel now has a shallower spool and upgraded ball bearings and is now available in multiple colors. Beyond reels, a full lineup of new Rods and Combos from Clam will complete their extensive offering of Rods and Combos fit for any ice angler's wants and needs. Some of the key new Rods and Combos available this winter from Clam include the Tatsumi Combo, the Scepter Rod and Combo, and the Bravo Combo that portions of the purchase benefit Folds of Honor. 

The Delta Float Suit is sure to be a favorite for many ice anglers this winter and many seasons to come. This new float suit combines features that ice anglers loved in previous IceArmor by Clam suits, like an ultra-soft and warm long nap fleece liner with a soft-touch outer fabric combined with the Motion Float Technology. The Delta Suit is also part of the Ice Ops line of products, so portions of the purchase of this suit benefit the Folds of Honor Foundation. The Delta Float Parka and Bib is available in two colors and in sizes Small-5XL. 

For more information about any of these new products and to see the complete new Clam Ice Fishing product lineup, please visit the new Clam Outdoors website at All of the new Clam products and the entire line of Clam ice fishing gear are available online and in retail stores!